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We are deeply humbled by these kind words, considering we've started here in Manila only a few months ago. See why we are the Best Reviewed Preschool in New Jersey, USA

A Big Part in Development

"William was 3 yrs old when we started looking for school. Our objective is for him to learn many things, develop his speaking skills, enjoy the company of other kids and to have fun. Instead of staying in the house with just a yaya since both of us are working. We saw the banner of Greatstart which was a new school then and attended the orientation of Ms Flora and teacher Kit. We were very impressed with the way they presented the curriculum which is organized and aligned with the main school in US. Teacher Kit is the first teacher of Liam in Nursery 2. She was very enthusiastic on the way she delivered the lessons which motivates Liam to learn and catch up with the lessons. Moving to Pre-Kinder is teacher Michelle who is very patient, kind and always happy to report Liam\'s improvement to us. She encourages Liam to enjoy school and meet new friends. Overall, Greatstart plays a big part on Liam\'s developmental stage and we are very grateful on the positive impact on his growth."

- EPG, Mom - Paranaque, May 2017

I Love the Way

"Dearest Teachers. Where do I begin to sing you praises? Let me start with what I appreciate most. I love your energetic smiles when you welcome us in the mornings. I love the way you give your best for the kids, all the time. I’m happy that you always update me on what Ally is doing at school. And I’m touched that you give Ally challenging work that helps her achieve more and more. No teacher has ever done that for any of my children before. You don’t have to, but you do. And that for me is real love and dedication. I hope more children come under your wings and learn to fly higher with you. I wish you inspire more parents to give their best for their kids, too. And I want you to know that yes, we feel the love for our children and we are very, very grateful. I’m happy I found Greatstart and that Ally has you as her second mothers. We love you, too!."

- Vanessa, Mom - Makati, May 2016

Positive Changes

"I can see positive changes with my child in just a week. Teachers are all hands on and nice and always wear a huge smile on their face around the kids."

- Tyn Reveche-Yu, Mom - Paranaque, September 2015

Being Impressed is an Understatement

"Growing up, I attended many international schools, so it is important for me that my son goes through the same experience, with the same standard and quality of education. I love the curriculum and the everyday activities of this school. Greatstart International School makes learning seriously fun.

After picking up my son from school one day, he asked me "... so Mom, what do you think about Australia?" this coming from a toddler, a 2-year old! He then proceeded to recite the 7 continents, knowing each of them by heart. To say that I am impressed is an understatement.

I am such a promoter of Greatstart International School, and I can't say enough good things about the teachers, the curriculum, and the overall educational experience. This is a school that every parent should consider to enroll their kids. It is important to mold and develop these young minds properly and Greatstart is the school to do just that!"

- Noelle Dolor, Mom - Paranaque, August 2015

Fun While Learning

"My toddler had a great time during the 1st batch trial class and I am bery happy that my 21 mos daughter had fun while learning. Kuddos to the teachers and to Ms. Flora who is very accommodating. It was indeed a GREATSTART for my J!"

- Diana Juliana Ong-Santos, Mom - Paranaque, July 2015

I Love My School

"My child has been to 3 other preschools in Paranaque since she was 2 years old, and Greatstart is hands-down the best!

From the highly-credentialed administrator, to the experienced and caring teachers, and the international-standard curriculum and materials -- Greatstart wins a mom's confidence in so many ways. But the best reason comes from my Natalie: "I love my school!" And her teachers love her back."

- Vanessa Bicomong, Mom - Better Living, July 2015

A Perfect Match

"We've seen several great preschools in Paranaque and in Makati but this is really the one where we felt that it was a perfect match.

First off, they had one of the longest trial classes. They offered it for a whole week and gave it another 2-week extension. In that time, my daughter got to know the teachers really well and started forming a bond with some of her classmates.

Second, the teachers are really caring. I sat in during the last day of her trial class and saw how responsive the head teacher was. They have a low student to teacher ratio 1:7 which is really ideal for kids this young.

Third, I love that it's a real international school. They've had their preschool in the US for 10 years and have been voted as the best in the state. They've even started expanding to two other states. The Philippines is their first international location...

... The tuition fee is affordable for all that it offers. While they are relatively new here, their methods are already tried and tested. I recommend them for any parent with preschool-aged kids."

- Jade-Ceres Dolor, Mom - Makati, June 30, 2015

Positive Changes

"Our son has become more active and spoken more words ever since he joined Greatstart. From the meet-n-greet event until the ongoing trial classes, we have been seeing positive changes in him. Teachers and the whole team are wonderful. Truly a great start for our son. Can't wait to see his new learnings after this school year. Keep it up Greatstart!"

- Marie Zarate-Paguirigan, Mom - Sucat, June 2015

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