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A Few Kind Words From Some Of The Most Important Experts On The Greatstart Experience: OUR PARENTS

Don't Want To Leave

"We absolutely love Greatstart Early Learning in Denville. From the moment we stepped in the door to check it out before our daughter was born I knew it was the right fit. Everyone was warm and the kids all had huge smiles on their faces. They ran to hug the director on their way home and it just felt like a family. The kids all know each other no matter what classroom they are in. Our daughter loves all the teachers, but especially both teachers in her room, Ms. Cynthia and Ms. Arianna. They have helped her grow so much over the last year. You know your kid is happy when she doesn't want to leave her teachers when you go to pick her up. I'm so glad we found them."

- Lindsay, Mom - Randolph, NJ

Face Lights Up

"We are so blessed to have all of the teachers in our lives! Evelyn's face lights up when she sees her teachers. I am so grateful she goes where I know she will be happy and loved each day. Ms. Cynthia and Ms. Laurie care for her as if she was their own!"

- Nancy Tichenor-Fratella, Mom - Hopatcong, NJ

Have Only Wonderful Things To Say About Them

"I have only wonderful things to say about Greatstart in Denville. My daughter only attends a couple of days a week but the time spent there seems like so much more. I can tell the way her teacher Ms. Karina works with her by all the different lessons that she learns while there. For the next several days Carissa will be tell me all about different animals (always her favorite) or point out different letters or small words when we read together. In addition Great Start has taught my daughter that teachers and teaching is something to be revered and respected. I can recall the countless times that I have sat down surrounded by her stuffed animals while she stands in the front of the bedroom "reading" a story from one of her books, and then have myself (and all the stuffed animals) show us something from show and tell. She then says that she wants to be an animal teacher! Lessons will be learned and facts memorized but to be able to have small children love learning and respect those in the field is most important. I would like to thank everyone for giving my daughter the 'Greatstart' on the lifelong journey of learning."

- Rob DiCerbo, Dad - Stanhope, NJ

Can't Beat a 2:1 Ratio

"As a new mom, I'm so thankful for finding Greatstart. It's obvious that the 2:1 child to teacher ratio means more personalized attention. That's what attracted us to Great Start from the beginning. All of the staff is amazing. Miss Cynthia always greets us with a smile and gives us thorough and honest information about our son's day. Our son loves Miss Cynthia and Miss Karina. He smiles at them and reaches out for hugs. Nothing makes my day better than knowing my son is happy at daycare. No matter what time of day I pick him up, all of the children are happily playing. If a child is upset, they are quickly attended too. Thank you so much for making our family's experience so positive!"

- Stacy, Mom - Denville, NJ


" I was fortunate enough to be able to stay home with my son for the first year of his life. When I received word of a fabulous job opportunity the bitter-sweet journey of finding the perfect day care began. My significant other and I toured about a dozen different facilities before we found Greatstart. What a relief! The location is convenient, the teachers are compassionate and helpful, and the cleanliness is evident and soon as you walk in. Not to mention, the tuition is reasonable for what you get. Jackpot!

The staff has truly made the necessary transition much easier on all of us. It's always a treat to walk in to see Miss Cynthia every afternoon when I pick my son up after a long day. Miss Tarina has the magic touch when it comes to putting my 18 month-old to sleep in the crib (this is not a simple task). My child also loves Miss Karina and he gets so excited when he sees her! He also loves giving Miss Laurie endless amounts of hugs.

All in all, our family could not be more pleased with our experience at Greatstart Early Learning."

- Mamalanna, Mom - Morris Plains, NJ

Not A Number

"When asking our little girl who her favorite teacher was, she didn't have to think at all, Miss Karina was her immediate answer! Miss Karina plays with me and always makes me happy, you can't go wrong with that answer at all. That alone makes us, her parents very happy as well. To know our little girl is very excited to see her friends, her teachers and her school is something you wish will always continue as I am sure it will.

We choose Greatstart Early Learning for many reasons, but here are the most important ones to us: a very family oriented environment, a bright, fun place for your kids to play, learn and most importantly to have FUN! Another BIG factor was our little girl wasn't going to be a "number" at this school.

We love the all the activities that these teachers put together for the kids, from the firetruck visits, Trick or Treating parades to holiday parties, it may seem simple but it means something to us parents as well as our children to know that they are having fun in learning and being apart of something that we can all share in together."

- Diane Friedman, Mom - Wharton, NJ

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