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A Few Kind Words From Some Of The Most Important Experts On The Greatstart Experience: OUR PARENTS

Totally Sold

" As our child was about to turn 3 we started looking for schools where she could go to get socialized and be able to interact with other kids of her age. A friend of mine had just taken a tour of this school told me to visit. She was pretty confident that this school would perfectly fit my requirements. And it was!! Ms. Janice gave us a wonderful tour and we were totally sold out!! We registered our daughter right away. Since it was our second kid we were a little experienced with what to look for in a good school.

The teachers here truly love their jobs and the kids. In less than a week my daughter was completely settled and looking forward to go to school every day. She actually misses school over the weekends. She has been in 2 classes and all the teachers she has come across are great!! Last year her teachers were Ms. Hamida and Ms. Cheryl who have both been so great with her. This year her teachers are Ms. Christina, Ms. Cheryl and Ms. Ana and she loves them all. When asked who her favorite teacher was she said all!! And that's true...even we are not able to single-out any one of them. They have helped her with her potty training (last year) and her learning, focus, structured play and crafts.

Last but definitely not the least Ms. Janice who actively takes interest in the kids, knows each one by their names, visits every class, and the most adorable is that she even pats the little ones to sleep (I happened to steal a glance at her once patting the little kids in the big hall for their nap time and made me smile!!) I am sure every parent miss their child as they have to drop their little ones to school every morning but with a school such as this, with so many loving teachers, I am not sure the little ones miss their parents as much!! :)"

- Sonal, Mom - Edison, NJ

You Go Greatstart!

"My son Suhas joined Greatstart Early Learning in July 2015, when he was 16 months old. We searched many day cares, but I was very impressed with the sight of Greatstart and of course the tour Miss Janice gave :) We were so worried while dropping our baby there as he used to hysterically cry! Miss Terry and Miss Britney in infants room were so down to earth and fantastic that soon we saw smile on our baby's face. Big thanks to these teachers for treating my baby like theirs. Hats off to you both!!! Miss Jenna, Miss Brooke who were in the room after school hours were wonderful! Thanks a lot to these teachers for loving my baby so much. Then, Suhas transitioned to toddlers room......was very difficult then to adjust to the new schedule. Luckily we had Miss Fatema and Miss Brooke to take care of him and transition him very well. It took time...but finally he was there. Miss Fatema you are such a wonderful teacher! Big thanks to you! He has learnt to talk so many words...developed vocabulary etc... Miss Fatema Miss Brooke - you guys are fantastic .....so patient, such soft spoken, humble and kind! When he first started....he used to cry so much....and here he is after 10 months....runs to you guys and happily says bye to me! Couldn't ask for more!! So thankful you are there to take care of my child. All other teachers at Greatstart are wonderful....Miss Amy, Miss Jenna, Miss Christina, Miss Becky, Miss. Shalonda, Miss. Yaritza...always greet Suhas in the hall way and take care off him in after school hours! It feels like home! Thank you so much guys! Miss Janice the superb director......due to whom Suhas is at Greatstart! You are always so accommodating and understanding. Big thanks to you! And above all, your creative work in the school is awesome! The decor keeps changing as per the season...occasion. So relaxing to see it after a hectic day at work. You go Greatstart Early Learning !!!!!"

- Kalpana, Mom - Edison, NJ

Excellence In Social Skills Development

"My son has been part of Greatstart Early Learning since he was 2 and a half year old - he cried just the first day and from day 3 , he was already looking forward to meet Ms. Hamida, his new found favorite teacher :) - all the teachers in star gazers, Ms. Hamida, Ms. Cheryl, Ms. Brookes and Ms.Jeena gave him lot of love and took care of all his small needs - teachers are so good at talking to kids , that they connect with them very easily. In first month, Advik was already making friends and wanted me to come later to pick him up!

Advik also loves Ms. Christina , who is his current teacher - looks like they have lot of fun in class :)

Other than academic, its very difficult to teach social skills to kids and that's where great start early learning excel - special thanks to Ms. Janice for keeping an eye on all details and helping out little ones grow up so beautifully."

- Aditi, Dad - Edison, NJ

Could Not Have Chosen A Better Place

"My kids are going to Greatstart Early Learning for past 3 years. We were looking for a pre-school for our kids and many of neighbors recommended Greatstart and now we can say that we could not have chosen a better place for our kids to develop and grow socially and academically.

All the teachers are very kind and caring with strong abilities to connect with children. Our kids are very fond of all their teachers. Miss Hamida’s class did a great job in the potty training and cognitive development. Miss Gail and Miss Amy did a wonderful job in the social development skills. Miss Latifah is doing a great job in my kid’s academic development and she is also a great communicator.

Miss Janice, the director of school is very supportive; she responds to all our queries in a timely manner. We would definitely recommend Greatstart to neighbors and friends."

- Rasik, Dad - Piscataway, NJ

Makes Early Learning For Kids Truly Special

"We started our 3 year old a month ago at the South Plainfield center. Like all parents, we were apprehensive about how the child would adapt, whether she would be given attention and so on. Miss Hamida would take our vote because she made by baby feel so secure and comfortable when she started. We like Miss Jenna too with her ever smiling and sweet disposition. My little one loves to play school with her toys and both her teachers rock her game equally. That said, our decision to enroll our daughter at your school was based on comfort and assurance that Miss Janice was able to give us when we first visited. She knows every child of her school by his/her name, helps around doing chores that I hadn't imagined a director would involve in. She is strict and fun at the same time - a good balance required to run a 5 star rated school. My little one and I don't have favorites - we like all 3 of them. But if we must choose the best teacher, we pick Miss Hamida simply because my teary baby would calm down when she saw her in that really difficult first week.

Wishing Greatstart the very best in the new year. Thank you to all the teachers, Director and the owners for making Early Learning for kids truly special."

- Padmasri, Mom - Edison, NJ

The Name Says It All

" Every parent wants to be precise while selecting the school for his/her child. We were not the exception, meticulously searching for school after coming to NJ from IL. Greatstart goes with its name, came to know within few days after seeing my kid's progress in writing, drawing, and social skills. Miss. Latifah is my kid's favorite teacher as she seems to have more involvement and interaction with kids, parents both. Me and my child always loved different events conducted at Greatstart."

- Shirish Modi, Dad - Edison, NJ

A Great Start In My Daughter's School Journey

" This is my daughter Sanvi's first school. She joined the school when she was 2 and half. To start with, initial days were very anxious for both me and her. She very quickly adapted to the teachers and kids. Starting with Miss Hamida and Miss Cheryl. Both of them were her first teachers. Sanvi was so fond of both of them. Miss Hamida is so calm and composed, answers every question with patience. Miss Cheryl was very active and took care so nicely. Then in the next class, it was Miss Gail and Miss Amy. Sanvi was again very fond of both of them. Miss Amy listened to what ever we ask and very comfortable to ask any question. Miss Gail was very good as well. Now, she is in Pre k class with Miss Latifah and Miss Amy. Sanvi is awestruck with Miss. Latifah, she admires and loves her dearly. She listens to everything that she says. Above all, she has learnt wonderful things from her in terms of behavior, talking, discipline and lots of learning In a very enjoyable way. As a parent, I am very comfortable with her to ask any question, she is very prompt in giving answers and above all in case of any misdiscipline she makes sure they understand it and corrects them. She gives feedback on a regular basis. I don't have words to tell about the teachers. Last but not the least, it's Miss. Janice who makes every possible effort to run all the classes effortlessly. She is such an awesome lady. She talks so nicely and she is very much aware of every child's details. She makes sure to make every occasion very special for the kids, parents and for teachers. To end with, each and every teacher in the school does a well appreciated job. In the last 2 years, I have understood that "Size does not matter, what matters is the quality education along with a transparent communication link between teachers, parents, kids". My daughter will miss the school very much once she is graduated to kindergarten. AS THE SCHOOL NAME IMPLIES, THIS IS THE GREAT START IN MY DAUGHTERS SCHOOL JOURNEY."

- Sowmya Vangara, Mom - South Plainfield, NJ

We Absolutely Love Your Center

" My daughter Shivangi Singh is going to your center for the last two years . We absolutely love your center. I'm grateful to all the teachers there and I believe they all are awesome including miss Janice of course. But If I have to name one teacher it will be miss Latifah of course .. She is just too good ...my daughter just adores her and I have noticed the change in her after she started going to her class. The assignments and homeworks tell me the progress she is making everyday. I'm very happy and satisfied special thanks to Miss Latifah!!"

- Swati Singh, Mom - Edison, NJ

Sad It Is Our Last Year

"I have twin boys that are now four and a half. They have been at Greatstart since they were 14 months old. They are typical boys, rowdy, rambunctious, silly but so lovable. The whole staff has had so much patience with them and has helped them to socialize in positive ways. They truly love my boys despite the fact that they can be difficult at times. They treat them respectfully and have set a high expectation of them which they are living up to (most days). They are learning so much in their Pre-K class. I do have to say that Miss Janice is 100% the rock of the SP school. We are so lucky to have her in our lives. She leads the staff in such an amazing way. We are sad that this is our last year with them as the boys will be in kindergarten next year in public school."

- Theresa, Mom - South Plainfield, NJ

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