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A Few Kind Words From Some Of The Most Important Experts On The Greatstart Experience: OUR PARENTS

Teachers are Spectacular

" My daughter has been with Greatstart since she was 5 months. She will be 5 years next year going into Kindergarten. The teachers at Greatstart are spectacular and cheers to Ms. Janice for keeping everyone together! It's hard to review one teacher because we've been with the school for so long and love all of them. I will start with Ms. Janice - her job is not easy and she is the rock that keeps everything together. Love her! The school of also very flexible and Mr. Peter is very open to listening to parents and acting accordingly.

Ms. Teri - She's been there since my daughter was in her class. She's adorable - she was like a grand mom to my daughter when she was in her class - so much empathy and love for the little ones - its is heartwarming esp. as a new parent. She absolutely rocks!

Ms. Hamida - She is absolutely adorable and we miss her during the summer when she sometimes takes off. My daughter really missed her through the summer. She is so vivacious, expressive and colorful - you could see the kids pick up the energy from their teachers.

Ms. Fatima - She is lovely and we missed her when she was on maternity leave.

Ms. Latifah - She is OMG awesome. She genuinely takes interest in every child and has teaching goals for each one, tracks their progress, makes observations that she shares with parents. She is very creative, very involved with kids and my daughter misses her a lot when she is not around.

Ms. Cheryl - She is very vivacious - Kids love her. She is so involved with the kids all the time.

Highly recommend the school!"

- Tisha, Mom - Edison, NJ

Sad When Not in School

" Greatstart is perhaps the best I have found in the area around. It's relaxed yet focused on overall development for kids. My clingy daugther (3.5 yrs) likes Ms. Christina and is sad on weekends for not having school. The teachers hug Anika every morning which sets the mood right for my kid. My daughter has picked up on writing skills effortlessly and has exceeded her age appropriate milestones. Earlier, my 6 year old son was transformed to what he is today in just one summer camp! Finally, director Janice is the star. She is the soul of Greatstart. She is flexible, supporting, helping kids around and focused on teaching values to kids."

- Archana, Mom - South Plainfield, NJ

10-Stars Rating

" So I gave Greatstart (South Plainfield) a 5 Star back when my son started around 10weeks… and now my son is 8 months old and I am still giving it a 5 STAR ++++++ ! I have really gotten to know the teachers even better and my son loves it there! If my son could talk he would say that his favorite teachers are all of them! I am truly amazed at how much care and attention each and every teacher has given my son day in and day out. Every single teacher that sees my son gives him so much attention I feel like he is a VIP ! But, I know that they treat every student there with just as much attention and love so I don’t know how they do it, but they do! I have a lot of favorites myself and I am sure the list will continue to grow as my son gets into the other classrooms. Miss Terry is truly phenomenal and I am so glad she is my son’s first teacher! Miss Terry does not miss a beat and I wish I could get just a ¼ of her energy. Miss Terry is consistently multitasking with a smile on her face and always listens to my first- time mom concerns and questions. Miss Becky is another one of my absolute favorites she is a GEM! She always goes out of her way to see if there is anything else she can do to help me out the door after work at pickup even offering one last diaper change before I go. (Even though she doesn’t need to.) I doubt anyone can find a teacher as nice as that! I never have to ask for anything from Miss Becky how she does it I don’t know! Miss Brooke is another one of my favorites she always goes out of her way to say goodbye to my son before she leaves and I know my son loves her a lot! Miss Amy is wonderful she is the bright and shining friendly smile that greets us each and every morning. Miss Shruti is a sweetheart she always wants say hello to my son and get a smile out of him. Miss Cheryl is very thoughtful she used her umbrella to keep me and my son out of the pouring rain when I dropped him off. I don’t think it would be easy to find another place that I could send my son to that would have teachers of this high caliber as well as being so nurturing and compassionate. I initially looked into Greatstart (South Plainfield) because my coworkers (biologists/chemists) were sending their children there so I figured if they were happy with Greatstart then I should give it a try too. I am so happy with my choice! The quality of the teachers at Greatstart is a wonderful reflection on the director Miss Janice as well as the owners Johanna & Peter who seem to know how to find the good ones!"

- C's mom, Mom - South Plainfield, NJ

An Awesome Start

" Greatstart has given an awesome start for my daughter. Thanks to Miss Hamida, Miss Fatima for their caring nature and helping overcome her weaknesses within a very short time. She got potty trained in few weeks which was really amazing. Her eating habits have improved a lot. Her vocabulary has been great. Recently we enrolled our younger one also in same place. During a difficult time overseas to attend a family emergency we needed a break of 3 months from School and Miss Janice was so Much accommodating in waiving of the tuition fees but still holding the seats which I don't think any other school will ever do. Thanks for greatstart for all the wonderful things you have done to our family."

- Meera, Mom - Edison, NJ

Instant Results

" My son started Prekindergarten past couple months at Greatstart Early learning in South Plainfield and his teachers are: Ms. Latifah, Ms. Amy, Ms. Cheryl. Each time he comes back home learning something new and interesting. It shows how much effort each of his teachers are taking in him and the rest of the class. He misses going there on weekend too. His favorite teacher according to him are all three Ms. Latifah, Ms. Amy, Ms. Cheryl. Thank you teachers and GS early learning."

- Sal, Dad - Piscataway, NJ

I Just Love Ms. Latifah

" My daughter is in Ms. Latifah's class,and she enjoys every minute spent in there. She looks forward to going to school everyday( even on the weekends ). It's just been a few months in Ms. Latifah's class but I have seen tremendous change in my daughter. She has grown her love for reading, and is able to read easy readers all by herself which is a big accomplishment at her age. She loves to write in her journal and Ms. Latifah has always encouraged her. She is writing complete sentences with little or no help which is commendable and I know it wouldn't have been possible without the teachers word of encouragement, support and the ability to understand each and every child's need and strengths. I really consider my daughter and myself lucky that she got Ms.latifah as her pre-k teacher whose giving her strong foundation for the years ahead. I asked my daughter what she likes about her teacher and her answer was "I just love Ms. Latifah", which i think says it all. So, thank you Ms. Latifah and Greatstart...your school has an awesome set of teachers. I certainly cannot forget to mention Ms.Janice here,I have always seen her working hard ensuring things are running smoothly around the school and I'll confess I have used her name a few times to get things done around the house. Once again thank you Greatstart and the awesome staff."

- Ruchika, Mom - Edison, NJ

A Breath Of Fresh Air!

" After a stressful day at work, it really is a breath of fresh air to come into the center when I pick up Suhas. The physical atmosphere is just so pleasant and calming, and having Ms. Janice and the teachers always greeting you with a smile lets me know everything is alright."

- Kalpana, Mom - Edison, NJ

Thank You Thank You Thank You!

" All I wanted to say is "Thank You", "Thank You" and "Thank You" to all the teachers, the Director and the owner (Peter) of this wonderful day care. And of course, a small thank you note to my best friend too, who suggested me this day care when I moved to NJ. My son started this day care when he was 1.5 years old and i was having mixed feelings when i was dropping him on the first day, but the way the Ms. Fatema and Ms. Brooke held him in their hands gave me a strong feeling that he is in safe hands. It is not just his teachers but Peter and Ms. Janice were also checking on him and gave me updates about my son when i was picking him from the day care. Ms. Amy was my life saver mosta times whenever i drop my kid. She would comfort my son, without even minding her own son crying in the corner of the room, such a selfless wonderful person she is. My son then moved to Ms. Hameeda's and Ms. Jenna's class and I could see lot of maturity in his activities. Ms. Hameeda ensures she takes all our input and applies on to the kids and I have seen my son learning many things from the circle time. Unfortunately we had to move out of NJ and when i enrolled my son in his new day care, he asked me "Mommy, Ms. Hameeda, Ms.Brooke coming too?" on his first day in new day care :D

I really miss this wonderful place and would definitely recommend this day care to all my friends."

- Chandra, Mom - (formerly) Edison, NJ

Repeat Family

"My Daughter Ira started going to Great start when she was 26 months, Ms.Fatema and Ms. Brooke are amazing. She was very excited to go to school every morning. My elder daughter Ashwika was also here from age 20 months to 4.5 years, she loves the teachers in Great start and the school, she still remembers Miss Saida, Miss Fatema, Miss Briane, Miss Amy and Miss Hameeda. She is in 2nd grade now and asks her little sister about the the school and teachers. The teachers are very sweet, caring, friendly. Director Ms. Janice is always there to answer our concerns and very helpful. All the other teachers are very nice, they smile and talk to Ira in the hallway and asks about her big sister. Thank you all for the love and support you have Given for Ashwika and Ira. I would definitely recommend the school to my friends."

- Madhu, Dad - Somerset, NJ

More Than 5 Stars

"Such few words of appreciation for each and everyone. Also this school stands true to their words and promise. You guys deserve more than 5 stars.So here we go.

When I started looking for day care obviously being first time you are always too scared, particular and picky. You want your child to get a homily environment. I had heard about great start early learning from my sister in law as her kids did come to this day care. I wanted to see few other daycare before I make any decision. i did a lot of research and was about to finalize one of the day cares and thought of visiting Great early start learning once. It wasn’t the most convenient location for me but anything to make your kid comfortable and see him happy. So finally without any appointment i walked into this day care and thee first thing I saw was cheerful ad happy kids. Even baby section there was no kid unattended. Miss Janice and Peter welcomed me. I am so happy that I decided to visit Great Start Early learning. As you say first impression is always the last impression. I was so happy to see the positivity around and most important was impressed by Peter. Being the Owner he did not have any attitude. That was the first point for me to see everyone being humble and polite. Peter did give me a tour and answered all my question. Met Miss Brook and Miss Jenna. Just loved them. They gave me such a wonderful smile and I felt the warmth and coziness. I left the day care on a very positive note.

As soon as I stepped out I had made my decision that my kid is coming to Great Start Early learning. Along with right education you need to teach your kid right mannerism. That’s exactly what Great Start Early learning does. I have seen a tremendous progress in my kid from the day he started going to Great Start. I am so impressed and happy. Many of my friends suggested me to put my kid in Montessori and all I had to tell them is I don’t feel a need to change his day care. My kid loves going to day care every day and that suggests something right is happening and as a parent all you need is to see your kid progress with right attitude. I recommend Great Start to everyone. Few months before when I was there to pick up my son there was this lady who was looking for day care for her 18 month old baby. I don’t know what she felt but once I stepped out from the day care she stopped her car next to mine and started asking me question about Great Start. All I had to say was if she decides to put her baby in Great start she is making the right decision and she can be worry free. I shared my experience with her and how I changed my mind. She ended up telling me that she feels more positive and she will go and talk to her husband about putting her daughter into Great Early Learning. All Teachers are amazing, helpful, energetic and positive including Miss Janice. My son loves Miss Brook. She is amazing, friendly and has such a sweet smile. I can go on and on but to sum it up it is the friendliest and positive environment and I think this has reflected in my son behavior as well. I am really happy that my son is going to the day care which is more like a home rather than just a day care.

I want to Thank: Miss Brooke, Miss Jenna, Miss Fatema, Miss Hamida. They have helped my kid learn and be smarter and independent. Thanks a ton."

- Payal, Priyaan's Mom - Piscataway, NJ

Fortunate To Have Found You

"We feel so fortunate to have found Greatstart in South Plainfield. All the staff are very friendly and all the teachers in my daughter's classroom are really amazing. Ms Fatema and Ms Brooke are really great teachers. They are patient and very caring. They are like a second family to my daughter. I would highly recommend anyone to go send their children to this school."

- Mel, Mom - Piscataway, NJ

Personal Attention and Ms. Hamida

" Greatstart is Aadi's 1st school. We decided to take a tour based on a strong recommendation from an 'alumni' parent. We were told just 2 things - personal attention and Ms. Hamida. And based on our experience from this year, we are glad we took their advice. Needless to say, we have already joined the long list of parents who strongly recommend this school to others.

We are thankful that Miss Janice, Miss Jenna, Miss Cheryl, Miss Dory and Miss Hamida are Aadi's 1st teachers. He has learnt so much in the time they spend with him everyday. Although Miss Janice is the name that we have to use at home to have him clean up after playtime, his favorite teacher is Miss Hamida. Not a day goes by when he doesn't talk about her.

We all know how shy Miss Hamida is when she has to speak in front of all the parents, but it all disappears when she is with the kids. She has fun when she is teaching them and we have seen the kids have as much fun with her. She teaches the kids first and then she teaches the curriculum. At 3 years, he not only knows his alphabets, numbers, rhymes and planets, he has also learnt his 'thank you', 'sorry' and 'please'. Her positivity and affection has rubbed off on Aadi and is evident pretty much everyday when we hear stories of what he did at school on his drive back home. She gives us daily feedback on his activities even if we forget to ask for it.

Every parent prays for their kid to be happy and have a good education. Our son gets both from the teachers and the school. Thank you for doing a commendable job at educating our kids in the true sense. Best wishes."

- Tanu, Dad - Edison, NJ

Learned A Lot Of New Things

" Our son, Daniel likes the teacher very much. He was new to daycare when he joined Greatstart. He learned a lot of things in Greatstart. We will definite recommend your daycare to our friends."

- Yuhuan, Mom - South Plainfield, NJ

Definetly Deserves 5*s

" My son Vihaan has been going to Great start when he was 2 1/2. He loved Ms Hamida & Ms Cheryl. Now he is in a different class & he has so much to talk about Ms Christina, Ms Cheryl & Ms Ana. He says they are his favorites, because they let him play & make puzzles.

As a parent I must say all the teachers at Greatstart are awesome & very helpful. They are helping Vihaan in each little step he takes in learning.

Finally, I must say that Vihaan really looks forward to sharing/pizza day every Friday.

Special thanks to Ms Janice and Peter for always being there for us. Definetly deserves 5*s."

- Vaibhav, Dad - Edison, NJ

Excited For Where They Are Heading

"I can't say which have been my favorite teachers, both of my kids have had great experiences at different levels!! Ms. Terri is an amazing nurturing soul. Always holding and interacting with the young ones... Ms. Fatema was a perfect transition! Her fun and accepting manner of working with the toddlers is just what their minds need to grow and explore! Both were excited to go to Ms. Hamida's class where they were "big kids". Potty training help cannot be beat! Then off to now Ms. Christina's room where preacademics really start... And to end with Ms. Latifah who encourages risk, science, questions... I've been there with my kids (and niece and newphews) for four years now, I feel I was extra critical ... And this school either never gave me reason to worry, and/or addressed each and every concern. Ms. Janice is at the helm, an awesome director who always knows what is going in, is responsive and CREATIVE, always present, and takes time to connect with the family. I'm glad we found this school, I am excited for where they are headed, and I am glad my children had an amazing social and academic experience!!"

- Emily, Mom - South Plainfield, NJ

The Best

" My little one Sai Hasita started her first time school this September and she likes the school and her class friends much and we see a decent improvement too in terms of getting social with the other kids . When I asked her who is you favorite teacher she mentions all the class teacher names. However as I see all her class teachers are 'The Best' in knowing the each kids personality and train them accordingly. Great job!!! Greatstart!!!"

- Prasad, Dad - Edison, NJ

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