A Few Kind Words From Some Of The Most Important Experts On The Greatstart Experience: OUR PARENTS

Ahead of the Game

" My son Lucas had a wonderful experience at Greatstart. Thanks to the personal attention and care he received he is thriving academically in Kindergarten. Miss Marta and Miss Kristy are incredible teachers and Miss Judy, the Director, knew each child individually. My son is ahead of the game academically and has great memories from that school. We have since moved to a top rated school in NY and my son is ahead of the game in his class because he was challenged at Greatstart. I would recommend this school to anyone in the area who is looking for the best school and teachers. Thanks for all you've done!"

- Brielle, Mom - West Milford, NJ

My Village

" My daughter Ava has been attending Greatstart for 2 years now. Each day I am so pleased to see all the arts and crafts that she creates. I love to hear about all the fun things she is reading and played with through her daily activity sheet. I can't thank the staff enough, as they have helped be part of "my village" to raise my daughter. Every day I'm so amazed at the things that my daughter is able to do and I know the majority of her learning occurs each day in the presence of their wonderful staff at West Milford. Currently she has Miss Kim, Miss Cyan and Ms. Christine as her primary teachers Who are patient and kind with her every day. But At Greatstart it seems that there are no classroom walls, in the sense of which teachers help engage and interact with My daughter Daily. They truly put me at ease when she is in their presence and have become family!"

- Jules, Mom - West Milford, NJ

They Are All Wonderful

" When looking for a learning center I wanted to send my son somewhere reasonably priced but most importantly somewhere he would be receiving attention and learning, not just playing. This place has taught my son so much I can't begin to start telling you all the things he now knows thanks to all his wonderful teachers. There's the creative Ms. Rachel who always has fun projects for the kids and is always coming out with fresh new ideas. Ms Marta who treats each child as if they were her own, with all her patience and nurturing, she is a mother figure to all the children in her class. (not to mention super fun with an infectious good spirit). But most of all Ms. Judy, she is the reason Declan attends your school. She works so hard over seeing everything goes smoothly, any question I've ever had she has gone out of her way to discuss with me, inviting me into her office to sit and feel comfortable. She is warm and always has a smile one her face, Greatstart is lucky to have her as the first face parents see when they walk into the school. Words can't express how lucky you are to have her! And also I would like to say that seeing such a hands on owner like Mr. Victor is a really wonderful thing, he is a kind man who always greets the parents with a smile, holds doors for parents with their hands full, and makes each child feel important."

- Meghan Carroll, Mom - West Milford, NJ

Wonderful Role Models And Teachers

" I LOVE the staff at GreatStart West Milford. My daughter is in the "hummingbirds class" but every single teacher shows her so much love every time I am in that building. What a warm and loving group you have to watch out for my little one when I am at work. Everyday I know she is so excited to see her teachers and friends at school. I love all the dedicated work the staff puts in towards creative projects each day and during the holidays. It shows you this staff truly cares and is willing to go the extra mile. I am so impressed with the skills my daughter is learning while under your care, I can't thank you enough for being there when I can't always be. My daughter loves each and everyone one of her teachers, Ms, Kelly, Ms. Casey, Ms. Rachel, Ms. Devynn, and we could never forget Ms. Kristy and Ms. Judy who greet us everyday with a smile. I can not say enough about each and everyone of these women and their dedication. I do have to give a special shout out to Ms. Devynn and Ms. Rachel, who my daughter always wants to blow extra kisses too at pickup time! And who can forget an extra thank you to Ms. Casey who keeps my daughter's belly full all day with nutritional treats! Thanks again for being wonderful role models and teachers to my little bean each day!"

- Julie, Mom - West Milford, NJ

Highest Score Possible

" I have 2 1/2 year old boy/ girl twins , who started attending the school last year. They both LOVE it. The center director Ms. Judy is a God send for first mom's like me. I was so worried about them adjusting to the class. They did and have done great. We have had Ms. June, Ms. Kate and and Ms. Rachael. All have been loving and helpful to my twins. They are learning so much , I am amazed every day. Mr. Victor the owner is an awesome man who truly cares about kids. I love that. I give Greatstart early learning the highest score possible .... My kids are learning, safe and having a blast"

- Jacqui V, Mom - West Milford, NJ

We Knew We Had Found The Place For Us

" I am extremely fortunate to be in a situation that I do not need to put my child in daycare. He spends most of the time with my mom. His father and I decided that he needed to be exposed to other children and to learn to interact with people outside of our family. We had a vision of our child being in an environment that he was well cared for, where he would be learning and where he would be exposed to new experiences. After a not so pleasant experience at another facility we decided to visit Greatstart. From the moment Miss. Judy answered the phone I knew that we had found the place for us. Miss. Judy was informative, accommodating and just a pleasant and understanding voice. Miss. Kelly and Miss. Devynn are amazing! They are doing things with my son that far exceed my expectations. He even brings home an art project each day he is there. I can imagine having 6 babies under the age of 2 painting can’t be easy! Miss. Kelly and Miss. Devynn are kind and compassion. They take the time to go over how the day went and to answer any questions that I may have. The lesson plans are diverse and we love that they write out what happened that day so we can follow through with the lessons they learned that day. We have seen our son grow in the short time he has been with Greatstart and we couldn’t be happier. We would recommend Greatstart to any of our friends and family!"

- Heather Badamo, Mom - West Milford, NJ


"My husband Shawn and I are extremely grateful for your school. You have done wonders for our foster son. Miss Kelly & Miss Devynn are awesome with him and treat him with love and respect. A shout out to Miss Judy, Miss Kristie, & Mr. Victor as well... My husband made me wait till Christmas Day to open the Christmas gift that was given to parents. It definitely made me shed a tear. It was beautiful and will be a treasured memento."

- Donna, Mom - West Milford, NJ

Couldn't Agree More

"I couldn't agree more with Donna! Our son is doing such amazing things in Miss Kelly and Miss Devynn's classroom. The Christmas gift that was sent home for us was so touching for this first time mom! We are so happy with our decision to send him to Greatstart! Thank you all for what you do!"

- Heather, Mom - West Milford, NJ

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